Valeriano Piñeiro Naval



Valeriano Piñeiro-Naval is postdoctoral fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) at the University of Beira Interior (Covilhã, Portugal), and integrate member of the research unit LabCom.IFP–Communication, Philosophy and Humanities (http://www.labcom-ifp.ubi.pt). He has got the licentiate degrees in Advertising & Public Relations (University of Vigo, 2008) and in Audiovisual Communication (University of Salamanca, 2009). He is also European Ph.D. in Audiovisual Communication, Technological Revolution and Cultural Change (University of Salamanca, 2015), with a dissertation titled: “El Patrimonio Cultural en la Sociedad Digital. Un estudio de su difusión a través de Internet”, directed by Professor Juan-José Igartua. His main research line focuses on the content analysis of municipal websites from different perspectives: cultural and tourist contents and web design.




Research lines:

– Culture and heritage communication

– Tourism communication

– Web content analysis

– Web design

Research projects and contracts:

  1. (In)Forming Conflict Prevention, Response and Resolution: INFOCORE. The Role of Media in Violent Conflict
  2. A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artifacts in the Common European History of Learning
  3. Analysis of the image of immigration in prime time television fiction
  4. Opinion Survey on the usage of Media in Castilla y León