Santiago Lomas Martínez



Santiago Lomas Martínez works in the Department of Sociology and Communication at the University of Salamanca. He holds a PhD in Media Research from University Carlos III of Madrid, where he also obtained a Dual Bachelor in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies and a Master in Applied Research to Mass Media. His PhD thesis, Queer Filmmakers in the Spanish Cinema of the Franco Regime: Homosexual Subculture and Gender obtained an Extraordinary Award of the PhD in Media Research and has been released as a book by the publishing house Laertes (2022).

His main research interests are related to the cultural history of Spanish cinema and television, especially from queer/LGTB+ and gender perspectives. He has published articles in journals such as Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Celebrity Studies, Studies in Spanish & Latin American Cinemas or Hispanic Research Journal. He is also author of the book Different. Queer Transnational Stars and Musical Cinema during the Franco Regime (Peter Lang, 2023). He has worked as a journalist and at Filmoteca Española (the Spanish national film archive) as a technical inspector and coordinator of digitalizations for the audiovisual platform Platfo.



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Research Lines:

  • Spanish cinema and televisión
  • Queer/LGTB+ studies
  • Representation of identities in audiovisual media
  • History of audiovisual media
  • Film studies

Research projects and contracts:

-Cartografías del Cine de Movilidad en el Atlántico Hispánico
-El documental institucional y el cine de aficionado coloniales: análisis y usos