Magdalena Wojcieszak


Magdalena Wojcieszak (Ph.D. Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania), is an Associate Professor at Department of Communication, University of California, Davis. Prior to joining University of Amsterdam she was an Associate Professor at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, University of Amsterdam.

Her research focuses on how people select political information in the current media environment and on the effects of these selections on attitudes, cognitions, and behaviors. She also examines the effects of mass media, new information technologies, and various message types on tolerance, perceptions, and polarization, as related to intergroup relations. Her current interests include ways to minimize selective exposure and biased information processing. She has (co-)authored 45 articles in peer-reviewed journals, is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Public Opinion Research, and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Communication and Political Communication. She has received several awards for her teaching and research (including the 2016 Young Scholar Award from the International Association of Communication).