Juan José Igartua


Juan José Igartua Perosanz

Juan José Igartua Perosanz obtained his doctorate on Psychology (Universidad del País Vasco, 1996). He is Professor in the field of Audiovisual Communication and Advertisement at the University of Salamanca (Department of Sociology and Communication). His fields of expertise focus on Media Psychology and Research Methodology in Social Sciences and Communication. He has numerous publications in internationally renowned prestigious magazines and journals such as Journal of Communication, Journal of Health Communication, International Journal of Psychology, International Migration, Journal of Media Psychology, or Communications: The European Journal of Communication Research, among others. He is also author to several books: Persuasión narrativa (ECU, 2007), Medios de Comunicación, inmigración y sociedad (Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2007), Métodos cuantitativos de investigación en Comunicación (Bosch, 2006), Psicología social de la comunicación (Aljibe, 2005), Teoría e Investigación en comunicación social (Síntesis, 2004), or Audiencias y medios de comunicación (Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 2003).



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Research lines:

– Media processes and effects
– News framing
– Media entertainment theory
– Narrative persuasion
– Health communication
– Media and immigration

Research projects and contracts:

  1. Narrative tools to reduce prejudice. Effects of similarity, imagined contact, empathy and narrative voice
  2. Rare diseases and patient empowerment: The case of post-polio syndrome and the end of poliomelitis in Castilla y León
  3. Survey on occupational hazards pertaining traffic accidents and their relation to Road Safety activities
  4. Reception processes and socio-cognitive effects in films on immigration: The moderating role of prejudice towards immigrants
  5. Opinion survey of public opinion on Media in Castilla y León
  6. Media alfabetization: Design, execution, and evaluation of an intervention program with teenagers
  7. Discourses on foreignness in Andalusian Media: Discursive and visual construction in the new Andalusia
  8. Analysis of the image of immigration in prime-time television fiction
  9. Demos: Curricular redesign and development of an internet portal to adapt university teaching to the European Higher Education Area
  10. Socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration: The moderating role of the immigrant population density
  11. Analysis and socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration in the regional press of Castilla y León
  12. Socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration in Media