Carlos Muñiz Muriel


Carlos Muñiz obtained his PhD in Communication at the University of Salamanca in 2007. He is presently lecturer at the School of Political Science and Public Administration at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Monterrey, Mexico), where he teaches graduate and postgraduate degrees. Coordinator of the Political Communication Laboratory (Laboratorio de Comunicación Política, LACOP) and academic coordinator of the specialized course on Political marketing and media management, he is a member of the National Researcher System (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores, SNI), level I, since 2010, as well as part of several publishing committees for scientific journals and international research association. He has authored and coauthored numerous publications in scientific journals and national and international books, and has been a member of several research projects financed by CONACYT, PROMEP or the UANL in Mexico, or by the Ministry of Education and Science in Spain.



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Research lines:

  • Analysis of Media effects
  • Minorities and Media
  • News framing
  • Impact of communication practices on attitudes towards politics

Research projects and contracts:

  1. Political culture in the metropolitan area of Monterrey. Formation and developmental patterns of the citizens’ political attitudes
  2. Political culture in the post-election situation: Influence of the 2012 Presidential and Local elections on the citizens of Nuevo León
  3. Influence of the news coverage in the Press on the perception and image of Mexico in Spain
  4. Effects of communicative practices on attitudes toward politics on High School students
  5. Indigenous peoples and middle high education institutions in Nuevo León: Public policies to ensure access and permanence
  6. Efectos de la representación de los indígenas en los medios de comunicación sobre su percepción por la población juvenil
  7. Analysis of the impact of communicative practices on attitudes toward politics on Upper High School in the Monterrey metropolitan area
  8. Analysis of the socio-cognitive effects of the processing of minority groups in online news content: Crosscultural study in Spain and Mexico
  9. Socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration: The moderating role of the immigrant population density
  10. Analysis and socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration in the regional press of Castilla y León
  11. V Communication conferences: Media, immigration and society. Challenges and proposals for the 21st century