Beatriz González de Garay Domínguez


Beatriz González de Garay Domínguez is associated professor in Audiovisual Communication at the University of Salamanca and a member of the Audiovisual Content Observatory.
She graduated with an Extraordinary Final Year Award in Audiovisual Communication from the Carlos III University of Madrid and a European Doctor from the Complutense University. She has two six-year periods of research and two excellent evaluations in the Docentia Program.
She taught at the Complutense University within the framework of the University Teacher Training scholarship of the Ministry of Education and has carried out research and teaching stays at different European universities such as the Humboldt University of Berlin, the University of Beira Interior and the University of Coimbra. Her main areas of research are Gender Studies and Sexual Diversity in Audiovisual Fiction; areas in which she has published numerous articles in indexed journals, book chapters, research projects and communications at conferences such as those of the International Communication Association or the International Association for Media and Communication Research. In addition, she has worked outside the university environment as a script analyst at Telecinco and as an assistant director on the series Hospital Central. She has two recognized six-year research years and has been evaluated with two Excellent in the Docentia program.



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Research lines:

– Cultural studies
– Gender studies
– LGBTI studies
– History of Television
– Audiovisual narrative
– Spanish cinema

Research projects and contracts:

  1. Institutional messages: A social responsibility.
  2. Culture, society and television in Spain (1956-2006).
  3. Research, health-care networks and empowerment: social and scientific responses to rare diseases in the Iberian Peninsula (1940-2015).
  4. Research, healthcare networks and empowerment: social and scientific responses to rare diseases in the Iberian Peninsula (1940-2015)
  5. LGBTI+ representation in Spanish serial fiction and effectiveness in reducing prejudice due to sexual orientation and gender identity (PID2019-110351RB-I00).
  6. Higher Education Learning Community for Inclusion. Project number-2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000023320
  7. ISlamophobic HAte DEtector (Ishade)