Countering Online INtolerance against especially vulnerable groups. Large-scale monitoring and narrative combat of online hatred in Spain (COIN)


1. Universidad de Salamanca (USAL):

  • Legal Entity Short Name: USAL
  • Type: Academic
  • Country: Spain
  • Department/Division: Department of Sociology and Communication
  • Supervisor: Dr. Carlos Edmundo Arcila Calderón
  • Main researcher: Dr. Martín Oller Alonso
  • Researchers: Dra. Patricia Sánchez Holgado, Dr. Javier Amores, William González, Maximiliano Frías, Marcos Barbosa.
  • Role of Partner Organization: Voluntary secondment
  • Legal Entity Complete Name: Universidad de Salamanca

2. Al Fanar Foundation for Arab Knowledge:

    • Legal Entity Short Name: Al Fanar
    • Type: Non-academic
    • Country: Spain
    • Department/Division: Islamophobia Observatory
    • Supervisor: Pedro Rojo
    • Role of Partner Organization: Mandatory secondment
    • Legal Entity Complete Name: Al Fanar Foundation for Arab Knowledge



In collaboration with:

Project funded by the European Union. European Union’s Actions-H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2020-USAL4EXCELLENCE-PROOPI-663. Grant agreement: N. 101034371. USAL internal reference: 8925-8553.