COIN Project

Countering Online INtolerance against especially vulnerable groups. Large-scale monitoring and narrative combat of online hatred in Spain (COIN)


The COIN project structures its research into eight work packages (WPs), each with specific objectives ranging from administration and training to the implementation of social intervention strategies. The most relevant aspects of each package are detailed below:

WP1: Administration, Training, and Mentoring

  • Objectives: Enhance scientific skills and develop project management abilities.
  • Activities: Implementation of training plans and preparation of monitoring and mentoring reports. This WP is crucial for ensuring the quality and proper direction of the project.

WP2: Data Management and Scientific Dissemination Plans

  • Objectives: Execute a data management plan and create a scientific dissemination plan that includes potential events for promoting the project.
  • Activities: Create data management plans and organize activities such as conferences, seminars, and workshops to disseminate the project’s findings.

WP3: Communication Plan

  • Objectives: Communicate the project to the general community through various channels.
  • Activities: Development of the project website, creation of social media profiles, and publication of press releases to spread information related to the project and its progress.

WP4: Creation of a Hate Content Detector

  • Objectives: Analyze network structures and propagation patterns of hate content and develop models for automatically detecting and monitoring online hate speech.
  • Activities: Development of tools based on neural networks for the automatic detection and tracking of potentially hateful messages, adapted to different types of prejudice.

WP5: Features and Social Impact of Online Hate Speech

  • Objectives: Build a conceptual and theoretical framework on hate speech, examine its social impacts, and understand the role of phenomena such as misinformation in its propagation.
  • Activities: Thorough review of existing literature, content analysis of collected data, and systematic review of hate content in digital and social media.

WP6: Study of Perspectives of Audiovisual Producers

  • Objectives: Investigate audiovisual narrative’s most influential creative characteristics to increase empathy.
  • Activities: Conduct focus groups and interviews with audiovisual producers to better understand character creation and narratives and design suitable intervention strategies.

WP7: Social Intervention Strategy

  • Objectives: Design a social intervention strategy based on narrative persuasion to increase empathy towards groups affected by hate speech.
  • Activities: Design social interventions around validated narrative stories adapted to the demographic characteristics and types of prejudice identified in the project.

WP8: Monitoring of Islamophobic Content Assignment [Al-Fanar Foundation]

  • Objectives: Monitor Islamophobic content on social networks and develop a map of online Islamophobia and intersectional hate.
  • Activities: Use of the detection tool to follow and analyze hate speech, especially of an Islamophobic nature, on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Each work package is led by Dr. Carlos Edmundo Arcila Calderón and supported by the Audiovisual Content Observatory of the University of Salamanca team, ensuring a rigorous and methodological approach to research and related activities. This interdisciplinary approach guarantees a deep understanding and effective intervention against online hate speech.

In collaboration with:

Project funded by the European Union. European Union’s Actions-H2020-MSCA-COFUND-2020-USAL4EXCELLENCE-PROOPI-663. Grant agreement: N. 101034371. USAL internal reference: 8925-8553.