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Ongoing projects:

– Narrative tools to reduce prejudice. Effects of similarity, imagined contact, empathy and narrative voice

– “If you want, you can quit.” Narrative tools for smoking prevention in adults. Effects of similarity with the audience and narrative voice

Data Science in Spain: knowledge and public perception of big data and artificial intelligence

Development and Evaluation of a hate speech detector online in Spanish (STOP-HATE)

Enhanced migration measures from a multidimensional perspective (HumMingBird)

– Mapas de la Investigación en Comunicación en las universidades españolas de 2007 a 2018 (MapCom2018)

– Research, health-care networks and empowerment: social and scientific responses to rare diseases in the Iberian Peninsula (1940-2015)

– Preventing Hate Against Refugees and Migrants (PHARM)


Terminated projects:

Real time classifier of political opiniones in Spanish with machine learning techniques (AUTOCOP-ES)

– A Million Pictures: Magic Lantern Slide Heritage as Artifacts in the Common European History of Learning

The Golden Stone Photo Poject 2016: Photographing art and monuments: Salamanca and the golden stone

The Golden Stone Photo Poject 2015: Photographing art and monuments: Salamanca and the golden stone

Reception processes and socio-cognitive effects in films on immigration: The moderating role of prejudice towards immigrants

Unlikely connections: a cultural innovation project

Development and Implementation of NTICs and Strategies to Enhance the Processes on the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge and Visibility Results on Science & Technology at the Universidad del Norte on the Research System Web and on the Production of Scientific Cafés.

– e-Research on Social Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean

– Around the World in the magic lantern

– Participation and Social Relations by Online Twitter Opinion Leaders in Latin America and the Middle East

– Analysis of the image of immigration in prime-time television fiction

– Proposal for the Creation of the Observatorio Venezolano de Industrias de Contenido (Venezuelan Observatory for Content Industries)

– Inner Communications and Culture in the Venezuelan Press.

– Self-Presentation in Blogs and Social Networks.

– e-Government in Venezuela: Balance and Perspectives.

– Communicative Production of Identity in Virtual Environments.

– Us and Them. A Critical Approach to the Discursive Construction of “The Other” in Hugo Chávez’s Rhetoric.

– Socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration: The moderating role of the immigrant population density.

– Analysis and socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration in the regional press of Castilla y León.

– Analysis and socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration in the Media.

– Situations and expositions of migrant women. Analysis of the perception and health conditions of Asian women in Spain.

– Political culture in the metropolitan area of Monterrey. Formation and developmental patterns of the citizens’ political attitudes.

– Political culture in the post-election situation: Influence of the 2012 Presidential and Local elections on the citizens of Nuevo León.

– Effects of communicative practices on attitudes toward politics on High School students.

– Effects of Media representation of indigenous peoples on the perception of youths.

– Analysis of the impact of communicative practices on attitudes toward politics on Upper High School in the Monterrey metropolitan area.

– Analysis of the socio-cognitive effects of the processing of minority groups in online news content: Crosscultural study in Spain and Mexico.

– Dynamics of education and scientific renovation in the Bachillerato schools (1900-1936): an Iberian perspective

– Researching System on Social Practices on Communication: Project Maps, Projects, Groups, Lines, Study Objects, and Methods

– Indigenous peoples and middle high education institutions in Nuevo León: Public policies to ensure access and permanence.

– Media competence in university teachers and students in Cuenca (Ecuador). (National project together with other Ecuador universities.

– Rare diseases and patient empowerment: The case of post-polio syndrome and the end of poliomelitis in Castilla y León.

– Online Game for Civic Engagement of EU young adults (ENGAME)

– (In)Forming Conflict Prevention, Response and Resolution: INFOCORE. The Role of Media in Violent Conflict

– Cost Action IS1004 Webdatanet. Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health Web-based data-collection. Methodological challenges, solutions and implementations (WEBDATANET)

– Intercultural Mentoring tools to support migrant integration at school

– Media literacy: Design, execution, and evaluation of an intervention program with teenagers.

-Analysis of the audio-visual diet and its role in the construction of reality and imaginary: design of a system of indicators

– The semantics of contemporary identity: Study on the configuration of personal identity through self-description. Narration and image.

– Institutional messages: A social responsibility.

– Cybercampaign, cyberjournalism and cyberactivity in the electorate.

– Discourses on foreignness in Andalusian Media: Discursive and visual construction of the new Andalusia.

– Influence of the news coverage in the Press on the perception and image of Mexico in Spain.

– Platform for research and development: Visual arts and setting in the Digital Era.

– Skills and strategies for visual alphabetization in crosscultural environments.

– Cyberdemocracy in the 2008 General election campaign in Spain. Citizen use of new technologies for electoral perception, deliberation and mobilization.

– National Monitoring Network on Media (Media and Democracy in Venezuela).

– Demos: Curricular redesign and development of an internet portal to adapt university teaching to the European Higher Education Area.

– Culture, society and television in Spain (1956-2006).

– Image database and audio archive for digital retrieval of the photographic estate at the University of Salamanca.

– V Communication conferences: Media, immigration and society. Challenges and proposals for the 21st century.