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Transitional characters in Entertainment-Education narratives designed to reduce prejuice against inmigrantes: Attributes, boundary conditions and explanatory mechanisms. 

STUDY 1. Creation and validation of a psychological insight scale to assess the impact of inspirational narratives.

Study 1 aims to analyze the validity and reliability of a new measurement instrument (self-report scale) to assess the media reception experience “psychological insight” (or inner enlightenment process).

STUDY 2. Effect of the main character’s attitude toward immigration (positive versus ambivalent) in fictional audiovisual Entertainment-Education narratives to reduce anti-immigrant rumors.

We analyze whether the process of psychological insight acts as a mediating mechanism of the impact of the characteristics of the protagonist of an inspirational audiovisual fiction message (his attitude towards immigration) on the improvement of intergroup attitudes and whether this effect is conditioned by people’s previous prejudice.

STUDY 3. The influence of the type of arguments: statistical versus narrative evidence.

The effect of the type of evidence used by the protagonist of an inspirational audiovisual fiction message to defuse an anti-immigration rumor is analyzed. Thus, the effect of an attribute of the “character in transition” is examined and the conditions under which it is more effective to use arguments based on statistical evidence or based on narrative evidence are considered.

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