Lifen Cheng Lee


Lifen Cheng Lee

Lifen Cheng teaches Communication Theories, Audiovisual Content Analysis, and Intercultural and Crosscultural Comunication in several graduate and postgraduate programs at the University of Salamanca. Her Doctoral Thesis, Social representations of water resources in Media contents in Spain, their effects in environmental popular perception and awareness, won the first doctorate prize in 2003-2004 at the University of Salamanca. She co-authored the best research on immigration at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas in Madrid in 2005. In 2008, she was granted, together with other co-authors, the best teacher publication at the International Communication Association conference in Montréal, Canada. She has also published in relevant international journals such as Journal of Communication, Journal of Health Communication, International Journal of Migration, or The European Journal of Communication Research.



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Research lines:

– Crosscultural, intercultural, and international communication
– Intercultural communication competence
– Environmental communication
– Analysis of indexes of cultural variation in audiovisual communication
– Content analysis: news framing, cultivation theory, and their effects

Research projects and contracts:

  1. Cybercampaign, cyberjournalism and cyberactivity in the electorate
  2. Situations and expositions of migrant women. Analysis of the perception and health conditions of Asian women in Spain
  3. Cyberdemocracy in the 2008 General election campaign in Spain. Citizen use of new technologies for electoral perception, deliberation and mobilization.
  4. Socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration: The moderating role of the immigrant population density
  5. Analysis and socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration in the regional press of Castilla y León
  6. Socio-cognitive effects of news framing on immigration in Media